Nov 2, 2013

My dream is finally a reality.

Welcome to my first official membership website. For those of you who have accompanied me on this journey from the beginning you will know that I have been working tirelessly on building this site for the past 2 years. In fact, you could say that this website has been a decade in the making. Ever since I entered the adult industry in 2003, I have wanted a space to express and explore my sexuality. This website is that space.

I thought it would be appropriate to use this first blog post to thank everyone who made this dream a reality. Without every single one of you this website could not exist.

Thank you, AARON FORDHAM, for your support, investment and your friendship. While everyone that I thank in this post is integral to the site’s existence, it is Aaron who started it all. I’m not sure how I got so lucky, but meeting Aaron changed the course of my career and ultimately my life. Without Aaron’s investment this website would have looked entirely different and would not have included the calibre of talent that you see in the updates today. But Aaron’s help was not just financial. Aaron has become a friend and confidant. His belief, guidance and advice has helped to produce a site that I couldn’t have imagined without his help. It was Aaron who triggered a chain of events that ultimately led to the quality of scenes you see on the site. Aaron first introduced me to the work of Greg Lansky, who introduced me to Laurent Sky, who ultimately introduced me to the crew who would become my production team. Thank you so much, Aaron. I’m still shocked by your generosity and I don’t think I can ever thank you enough. SWCU forever!

Thank you, GREG LANSKY. Thank you for taking me seriously as a producer and a model. Thank you for introducing me to Laurent Sky. Thank you for taking the time to have dinner with me every time I’m in Los Angeles. Thank you for your honest and invaluable advice over drinks. And thank you for giving me some tough love when I needed it.

Thank you to my photographer and production manager, LAURENT SKY, for making every shoot fun and exciting. Thank you for sharing your immense industry knowledge, for always working tirelessly on set and for taking my calls early on a Sunday morning. Your photographic and production management skills were essential to the success of every shoot. Thank you for your friendship and for always going above and beyond the call of duty.

Thank you to my digitech, THIERRY, for making sure every photo came out perfectly. Thank you for always being over prepared, for making sure my skin was never “trop chaud,” and for introducing me to, and helping me with, new software that is now integral to all of my post-production. I don’t think I’ll ever meet another person who can do that many quad espressos in one day.

Thank you, MILES LONG, for capturing some life changing moments on video. Unscripted gonzo style scenes are particularly unpredictable and your ability to follow the action proved indispensable. Thank you for your professionalism and also for taking the time to introduce me to the team at AVN and the team at Xbiz.

Thank you to my makeup artists, PEGGY and RENEE McAVOY, for making me beautiful. Thank you both for sharing stories and laughs with me. Thank you, Peggy, for working under the stickiest of conditions and never shying away from covering me in oil, lubing me up and wiping away the cum. Thank you, Renee, for waking up at obscene hours to make sure I looked perfect for Sexpo, SBS, ABC and Cosmopolitan.

Thank you to my PRODUCTION ASSISTANTS, HAL and DAVE. Your assistance is always crucial to a fun and smooth day of shooting. Without your help we wouldn’t get emergency towels, GoPros and milkshake glasses, the crew would be slipping on lube, and I would be in the makeup chair with no coffee, and let’s face it, that would make shooting a lot less fun for everyone. It was great to party with you both in Las Vegas, and thank you, Dave, for sharing your drink with me, buying me dinner, and still speaking to me after I got you stuck in an elevator for 2 hours.

Thank you, STEVEN, for an inspiring and turbulent relationship that created some amazing cinematic results. Your video editing skills were essential to producing a quality scene and it was a pleasure working so closely with you. Growing with you has been challenging and refreshing and your friendship means a lot to me. Thank you for your introduction to CAL and WAYNE, who worked into the night on a project that ended up becoming our new benchmark. Thank you all for your vision, insight and passion.

Thank you to my design team, CAM DIAMOND and NIC HAWKER, for creating a sofisticated logo and site design that epitomise both the brand philosophy of and my own personal tastes. Your expertise, vision and originality have been invaluable to the site’s minimalist aesthetic and overall functionality. Thank you for sticking with me on a project that far exceeded the projected timeline. Your hard work and dedication were essential to making a reality.

Thank you, PG, for coding and developing You are a fucking legend! Your proficiency, professionalism and perfectionism were vital to making this site as clean and high functioning as it is. Thank you for your persistence while integrating a site design that was not supported by standard Elevated X templates. I have been informed that there is no other Elevated X website with this level of customisation. Thank you PG for making it happen and thank you to the staff at ELEVATED X for answering countless questions and for helping during the customisation. Thank you also to MOJO HOST for their customer support during this period.

Thank you, GARION HALL and the GMBILL TEAM, for your help setting up an overseas company and securing billing. Thank you, Garion, for sharing your extensive knowledge, experiences and advice over coffee (in my case). Thank you to Garion and the entire GMBILL team for assisting me every step of the way: from registering my own Dutch company to opening European bank accounts and merchant accounts and applying for VISA approval. Without your assistance securing billing would have been near impossible. Special thanks also goes to TRIEU HOANG for his continued support and assistance.

Thank you to XBIZ, especially DAN MILLER for always doing press releases about my adult career and also my contribution to mainstream media and sexual education. Thank you also for the good news to come.

Thank you to AVN, especially to STEVE JAVORS for his hospitality and humour during the 2013 AEE and AVN Awards. Thank you SHARAN STREET for your interest in my story and for your patience in publishing it.

Thank you, JASON TURLEY, for believing in me from the beginning. I still remember meeting you for the first time back in 2010 at the Sexy International Film Festival. Your big smile brightened the room and made me forget for a moment the stresses of my Honours thesis. You saw something in me back then and pushed for others to see it too. Thank you for always putting your neck out for me. Thank you for looking after me at every Sexpo. Thank you for partying with me wherever we go. But thank you most of all for your continued friendship and love.

Thank you, to all of the PERFORMERS, who accepted the invitation to shoot with me. Thank you for your openness, your intimacy, your authenticity and your trust. I feel so fortunate to have been able to shoot with some of the biggest and the best in the industry. I feel like I have shared something special with each and every one of you. Without your willingness to share your sexuality with me this site would just be a whole lot of masturbation.

Thank you, SHAWN, for everything. You have been my rock during this entire project. Thank you for putting aside your own projects and work to spend countless hours project managing the development of Not one pixel is out of place thanks to your perfectionism. Thank you for staying up late to make conference calls overseas when you had already been editing all day. Thank you for learning new skills when others couldn’t do the job. Thank you for pretending to be my manager when sexist suits wouldn’t take me seriously. Thank you for being there to help me make every important decision. Thank you for never giving up.

Finally, I’d like to thank all of my FANS and FOLLOWERS for your support over all these years and particularly over the past 24 months. Your love, support and feedback continues to remind me that my work makes a difference to the lives of others. Thank you for your patience and encouragement during the long process of building this website. There were many setbacks to getting this site off the ground, most of which were out of my control, and there were some people that became frustrated about the length of time it was taking and some even stopped believing that I would ever launch a site. Thank you to everyone who continued to believe in me throughout the entire process. Your faith and confidence has meant so much to me. I am convinced that this website will have been worth the wait and I hope that the people who became discouraged come to agree with me. I’d also like to send out special thanks to my “circle”: ALISON, GELE, KEN, ROB and THOMAS. Although I can’t mention all of you, I truly appreciate all of your love and support. I hope that you enjoy growing with me on this journey.